Love your job.

We want you to be a real part of the team, and we want you to stick around for quite a while. The only way that happens is if you’re happy and love your job. Which means it’s our goal to make sure you’re happy and love what you’re doing.

We're hiring!

Digital sales, account executive and creative producer Bring social content ideas to life, from the first pitch email through launch for top brands, agencies and publishers. Learn more
PHP, JS, HTML, CSS Developer Work with clients and our community manager, implement new features and ideas in PHP, JS, HTML5 and CSS3 on our CMS. Learn more

What will it be like?

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Tidal is an enterprise CMS that focuses on social interaction and user-generated content. Our clients include Lucky Magazine, Details, Epicurious, Harper Collins, Bob Vila,, and a few others. We're looking for people willing to learn and grow in a fast-paced startup environment. Check out the team to get a sense of who you'll be working with.

Work with 10K+ bloggers
Reach 10M+ visitors monthly
Make dreams come true

Your lifestyle is up to you. If you’re in New York, we’d ask you to come work in the office most days — but no sweat if you want to work from home a couple days a week. If you’re elsewhere, then you’ll manage your schedule. If 9 - 5 works for you, go for it. But if not, we’re fine with you developing any schedule you like, as long as it’s consistent and as long as you’re still able to effectively interact with the team and clients. We don’t sweat the small stuff.

We value learning and teaching, and we do a lot of cool stuff particularly with machine learning. We’re going to make sure you’re constantly learning new things and getting exposure to new fields you haven’t experienced before. Check out our CTO's blog to get an idea of the stuff you'll be learning.

You'll literally be able to put dozens of amazing sites in your portfolio because of your work here. We work with respected, popular brands, and putting their sites on your portfolio will seriously accelerate your post-Tidal career: "Yeah, I built a website for Epicurious. No big."

Love Tidal but nothing suits you?

If you're dying to work with us but don't see a job that fits, give our team a shout and tell us why you're awesome.