Tidal is a platform that allows individuals to join networks of well-known brands and publishers. When they do, Tidal analyzes what they’re writing about and how influential they are. Then, we connect our members' most appropriate content to brand’s sites, apps, and social channels. In turn, we bridge the gap between brands and their biggest fans through editorial, events, promotions and interaction with the staff.

User Signups

• Members sign up both from Tidal’s network of thousands and a brand’s own superfan network.

• After launch, new sign-ups grow organically as friends want to get in on the action.

Automatic Profiling

• Tidal’s ContentMetric® technology profiles contributors and the content they create – looking at topic, influence and quality.

• Tidal can automatically grade, rank and award badges to the best contributors in the network.

• New in Tidal 2.0: Badges

Easy to contribute / Automatic Content Pull

• Members truly become a vital part of the brand or publishing organization – like a contributing editor.

• Members can post right from their blog, other social channels, or an on-site, custom-branded dashboard.

• Publishers can also request content from our library of over 600k posts.


• Easy-to-use dashboards allow editors and community leaders to quickly decide what content should be published or featured.

• Tidal’s systems continue to learn over time what works best for each brand voice.

• New in Tidal 2.0: Advanced Dashboards


• Tidal optimizes content for display and creates content pages, Q&A pages, pinboard pages of submissions, user profiles and leaderboards.

• Tidal can integrate with brands’ sites, blogs, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.


• Tidal offers tools like badges, voting and sharing notifications to allow members to share with their followers.

• Community leaders interact with members via our communication center – coordinating with editorial calendars or inviting to events and promotions.


• Our dashboards show all the stats to follow along about content, members and social reach.

• We’ll help partners optimize each over time, ensuring we’re maximizing exposure.

• New in Tidal 2.0: Advanced Reports

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Potential Partner? Launch Your Community on Tidal's Platform.

Recruiting and ramp-up is part of the Tidal implementation and go-live process. We’ll work with you to create a unique plan and personalized hierarchy that works best within the confines of your individual network. Tidal activates your network and ours in tandem. Our algorithms help you choose the best participants every step of the way.

1. Set Goals

The editorial teams of Tidal and the client work together to draft a member plan based on goals for the channel.

2. Announce

Launch an announcement/sign-up page for the channel. Begin to programmatically invite existing client relationships, guest bloggers, and network members.

3. Invite Members

Invite any existing potential contributors that are a good match from the thousands of members in Tidal’s system.

4. Augment

Expand existing networks with targeted recruiting to potential contributors.

5. Go live

Reach goals for number of members and backfill of content - go-live!

6. Go Viral

Followers of launch members become aware of the community via golive posts, badges and social

7. Grow

Readers and fans of the brand want in on the action and sign-up organically.